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Want a 5 Star Review?

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Great reviews will let any buyer know that you have happy customers.  Shoppers often rely on reviews when deciding to make a purchase.  

Here are a few things that you can do that could potentially lead to positive reviews. 

Have a descriptive listing 

The listing description should not only describe the basic information about a product, but it should also include detailed information like the measurements, notes about what is or is not included in their purchase and any features that product may have.  It’s also good practice to continually update the description of your listing to include answers to product questions that you receive from shoppers.  

Product Imagery 

Take multiple photos and photograph your product from all sides.  Use different props like a pencil, ruler or a coin to give a sense of the items size.  Photos taken close up will help shoppers understand the texture of the product. 

Provide exceptional customer service  

Respond to messages quickly and maintain high standards so that there is quality service and products worth leaving a 5-star review for.  Look into any issues that your customers have encountered and address them without any delays.  It’s better to be proactive instead of reactive.  

Shipping and Delivery 

Always process and ship your orders on time. Provide estimated delivery times and tracking information so that you set clear expectations upfront. If something happens and the customers item won’t arrive as expected you should send a personal note to let them know as soon as possible.  

Be thoughtful and say thank-you 

Sometimes it the thought that counts.  Let your customers know how much your appreciate their business with a pre-printed card or a handwritten note.  You can also use the Black Utopia coupon feature to send your customers an email with a thank you coupon code after their order is complete. 

Make Changes Based on Feedback 

It’s important to go through the post-transaction feedback and implement any applicable tips the customer has left that will improve their future experience.  When you actually make changes based on the customer feedback, it tells them that you care about what they have to say and it makes the experience better for them and for future customers. 

For example, an increasing number of your customers had an issue with shipping times,  consider looking into other shipping options.   

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