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National Black Business Month

The National Black Business Month, a 31-day celebration founded by John Williams Templeton and Frederick E. Sr. in the year 2004, helps shine a light on Black-owned companies and help drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African American businesses. There are so many ways to join in on festivities, from mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs to shopping from the Black businesses in the community. The website encourages clients if they grab something from one of African American brands to ensure they post on social media with the hashtag #NationalBlackBusinessMonth to help keep the momentum going. (Centre, 2020)

The National Black Business Month was designed to create an environment of trust, which could help in the transformation of African American communities globally. Having such a month encourages visiting at least one black business each day for the 31 days set aside. This National Black Business Month helps in highlighting and sharing stories of African American-owned businesses to build awareness of the impact that African Americans have had on the local economies. Since people were tired of systemic racism, the best and only way to settle the issue is for economic equality to be attained, and that can only be achieved through supporting the African American owned businesses. (Month, 2018)


In a survey conducted by Groupon and the National Black Chamber of Commerce, 74% of African American owned businesses owners say they have had fewer opportunities because of a lack of capital and resources. This has been necessitated by the fact that the system discriminates against the variously owned businesses when it comes to loans and other services provided by them. The National Black Business Month aims at creating and generating more capital within their community as one of the solutions that can be depended on as they strive to find a lasting solution as to how and who should get greater access to capital.

  In the past years, we have witnessed National Black Business Month announcing and implementing plans to grow the number of African American firms with employees by creating state and metropolitan area plans that help in providing the capital for innovators like Jerry Ellison to create jobs. ( Ellison founded JBE in 1982). This year, National Black Business Month has seen businesses focusing on promoting member businesses and companies helping Black communities through their “Support Those Who Support US” campaign.

In the state of Illinois, the Rep. LaShawn Ford gathered African American business owners to mark the 26th annual National Black Business Month to tell the story of their triumphs and challenges. They celebrated the legacy of Black entrepreneurs who worked hard to succeed and vowed to support each other. The statement read, “As we’ve gone through this pandemic time, we are here today to remind the world that there will be no justice and no peace without access to fair banking practices. There will be no justice and no peace without contract opportunities. We do not want just token opportunities. There will be no justice and no peace without access to union jobs.” (news, 2020)

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