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Holiday and Sales Planning

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While the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have passed its peak, things are by no means “back to normal.”  Supply chains are still disrupted, consumer wallets are still hurting, and unemployment is at an all-time high.  It’s going to take a good while for the economy to bounce back, so you need to plan online holiday marketing strategies well in advance.  

The holidays are a great time to take advantage of all the buying that consumers are doing.  Regardless of what you sell, you can tap into the buying power of the holidays to boost your income.  Here are tips for helping to create a profitable holiday marketing plan. 

Determine how to offer your product or service as a holiday gift  

Even obscure products and services can be given as a gift.  For example, if you’re a wellness coach, let  your clients know that you offer gift certificates, which you can create through PayPal, that they can ask their family to buy as a gift.  Promote your product or service as a great gift idea in your Black Utopia store, social media and other marketing tactics yo use. 

Determine how your product or service can help people during the holidays

Help people understand why they should buy now by telling them how your product or service can benefit them during the holidays.   

Bundle your Products and Services into a Great Deal 

People love to get a lot for their money as well as discounts.  This is especially true over the holidays when people spend a great deal of money.  Bundle your products or services into a holiday gift that offers both value and savings. 

Use Themes, such as 12 days of Christmas and feature a new items every day. 

Give your shoppers a reason to visit your store every day.  Either because they’ll get a item at a great price or a great tip for a service you provide. 

Have a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday Sales 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big shopping days. You can take advantage of that by offering a big sale.  Let the shoppers that follow your store know in advance of the upcoming sales so they’ll be sure to have your store on their list of places to shop.   

Connect with previous Customers 

It’s much easier to sell to past customers than it is to generate new ones.  Reach out to past customers offering them a coupon for being a loyal customer. 


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