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Heightened Awareness of Supporting Black Owned Businesses

With the recent killings of more African American men and women at the hands of the police, a shift and awareness of supporting black has occurred.  It’s not enough to just be black and supporting black, other ethnic groups have vowed to support black as well.

What benefits does this have to the African American community you may ask?  It has been noted that the dollar circulates the least amount of time in the African American community.  Some studies have shown 6 hours and others have shown 8-10 hours.  Regardless, we are too powerful of a community to be anything less than the average Asian circulation which is calculated at about 28 days.  

We need to be intentional about buying and supporting black owned business.  We need to stop the rhetoric of negativity surrounding dealing with black owned businesses.  This is one of the reasons Black Utopia was created.  Our purpose was to create a marketplace where black owned businesses could showcase their products “fairly.”  Yes, there are lots of other marketplaces online, but some have been proven to underrepresent and even block some of the black owned businesses on their platform.  Especially those who are performing quite well.  

Becoming a vendor on Black Utopia encompasses several factors that will not only enable your brand to be in front of thousands (potentially millions) of people, your sales have the potential to grow beyond measure.  In addition, we offer a “seller hub” that our vendors can access that has videos and documentation on how to increase your sales.  

If you don’t already have a business, this is the perfect time to start one.  We are also partnered with several companies that can get you up and running with your business very quickly.  Join our movement today or reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

Black Utopia
Author: Black Utopia

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