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Creating Your Logo and Store Banner

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Creating your own logo and banner is important as your storefront is the first impression your brand will make on potential customers.   Your logo and store banner should capture visitors’ attention and tell the story of who you are. 

One of our favorite sites to find the perfect logo and/or banner is Fiverr.  I’ve personally used Fiverr for years for alot of my projects.  You’ll want to keep a few things in mind while searching for the designer to bring your vision to life.

1.  Create a profile on Fiverr using this link

 2.  Once you’ve logged in, look under the graphics design tab and you’ll see “logo design.”  There you’ll be able to search hundreds/thousands of designers.

3.  Look at their profile, their reviews, their prices and turnaround time for your project.

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Once your banner and logo have been created, you’ll navigate to your shop page and upload it there.  Please note that the banner needs to be sized down to 600X300 pixels for your store. 

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