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Creating a Winning, Converting Product Listing

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Our goal is to help potential shoppers find items they want to purchase when they are searching on Black Utopia.  Optimizing your listing with conversion in mind is one way you can improve your search ranking and your shop’s visibility.

A buyer needs to see your items in the search results and be motivated to take a closer look.  Here are a few ways you can optimize your listing for clicks: 

Listing Photos- The first image  is displayed in the search results, is crucial when it comes to influencing shoppers to click on your listing.  The photo should clearly show the item for sale and be so eye catching that they can’t resist taking a closer look.  You can add up to 500 photos at the present.  Adding  additional images is not a requirement.  However, it will give your shoppers more information about your product.  

Listing Title and Description- Your title can also play a key role in enticing shoppers to click on your listing.  Shoppers will only pay attention to the first few words of the title so its important that the title makes it easy for them to quickly see what you’re selling 

Your description can also help to convert views to sales.  Keeping your description short, informative but inviting will ensure all essential information is available to the shopper. 

Price- Your listing price can also affect whether or not a shopper clicks on your listing.  Shoppers often have a specific price point in mind and they will compare prices when looking at the search results. 

Sales and Special Offers- Offering free shipping and running sales can make your listing stand out in search results.  Black Utopia’s coupon tool is a great way to offer your shopper’s a deal and drive shoppers to your store. 

Customer Feedback & Reviews- Shoppers can see your average star reviews when browsing search results.  A high average can help to build trust, and could entice buyers to click on your listing. 

Shipping and Handling time- Your shipping and handling times may influence a buyer’s purchasing decision.  Having items in stock and ready to ship within a business day will be more appealing.  You can also offer shipping upgrades so that shoppers know they have the ability to have an item expedited if necessary.  

Shipping RatesShoppers will also factor in what you charge for shipping when deciding to make a purchase.  A shopper that was ready to buy when they initially clicked on your listing could be turned off by enormous shipping rates.  

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