Black Utopia

We welcome you as an affiliate on the Black Utopia platform. In addition to the Black Utopia Terms and Conditions and Vendor Terms and Conditions, as an affiliate for Black Utopia, you agree to the following terms.

Eligible Commission Sales:

As an affiliate, you have a few ways you’re able to collect commissions. 

  • You are eligible to collect commission from any sales from customer that used your link and purchased within 30 days.  You (the affiliate) will get 3% commission on that sale.
  • You are also eligible to collect lifetime commission on any sales from a vendor’s store that you referred.  You (the vendor affiliate) will get 1% commission on any of those sales.  To become a vendor with us, click here. We currently do not have limits on the number of people you can refer, but Black Utopia reserves the right to make adjustments to this policy at any time.

Affiliate Policies

  1.  As an affiliate of Black Utopia, you are unable to collect commission on your own sales here on the platform. However, you can collect commission on any vendor’s sales that were referred by you.  Any vendor in violation of this policy will be disabled and banned from our platform.
  2. Commissions are not paid on orders that are canceled, returned/refunded, duplicate orders, item was out of stock and not completed and/or a breach of our program terms.
  3. It is a requirement to be a vendor on the Black Utopia platform in order to refer vendors and collect lifetime commissions on those sales.  However, anyone can be an affiliate and collect the regular 3% commission on other sales.
  4. Any illegal sources used to to create fake vendors or to refer vendors that are already on the platform will not be paid out and is cause for immediate banning from our website.
  5.   Commission will be paid out via PayPal once a month, 30 days after sales for the prior month has been accounted.