Black Utopia

Who Are We?

African Americans spend roughly 1.2 trillion dollars annually.  We are the nation’s largest consumers.  However, our dollars don’t circulate in this community very long.  The concept of this marketplace was born out of the need to recirculate our dollars.  The name, “Black Utopia” was thought of by Anthony Brooks, Maleika’s husband.  The definition of utopia is “a place where all things are perfect.”  His vision was that this would be the perfect community to meet the demand from consumers to support black-owned businesses.   Maleika Brooks and Marilyn Cobbs joined forces to bring this vision to life.


I’ve been in the sales and customer service industry for over 20 years although I’ve never had a career and barely kept a full time job.  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was more afraid of not trying than I have ever been afraid of failing.  One of my biggest strengths and failures at  the same time is that I’ll try almost anything because I don’t have a fear of failure when it comes to business.  In 2016 I threw in the towel with Corporate America all together and started my flagship business, Lose A Pound Daily.  My love for helping others grew but I realized there was so much more I could be doing in terms of helping people who look like me.  Black Utopia is just one of aspect of what Marilyn and I have planned in terms of recirculating and investing our dollars into our community.  Our plans and vision for this platform now far exceeds what it started out to be.  Our focus is on helping other businesses market and brand themselves and we’ve put tools in place to do so.  Keep watching us!

Maleika Brooks, co-owner of Black Utopia
Marilyn Cobbs, co-owner of Black Utopia


I am a native of Dallas, TX, and an avid traveler. I love traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures.  Since 2015 I’ve traveled to Cape Town, Durban, St. Lucia, Swaziland, and Johannesburg South Africa; Doha Qatar;  Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogota Colombia;  Dubai UAE, and Tokyo, Japan.   

A veteran in the Information Technology field, I’ve worked various roles including Desktop Support, System Administration, Business Analyst, and Vendor & Project Management.  I’ve always had a goal of entrepreneurship and after almost 20 years with the same company, I was laid off in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic,  so I immediately focused on making my dream of entrepreneurship a reality. 

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