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5 Businesses You Can Open Right Now

It’s no surprise that businesses have been struggling due to COVID-19. With social distancing rules in place it is hard for businesses to fully get back up on their feet. However, one of the great things about the internet industry today is that you can start your own business right from the comfort of your home! These 5 businesses are easy to set up and will no doubt be in high demand for years to come.


One of the biggest, most leading businesses you can start today is freelancing! Whether you’re a writer, website designer, blogger, or social media manager, you can work the hours that you want and get paid for your creativity!  This is a business that can potentially take little to no money to get started, but the returns can be rewarding.  One of our favorite platforms to freelance on is Fiverr.  Check out their platform today!

Personal Trainer

While being stuck at home during a pandemic, many people have had to alter their workout and fitness plans. And let’s face it, snacking is a lot easier to do when you’re stuck at home with nothing to do! But if you’re someone who likes to be creative with their workouts and encourage others to do it, why not become a personal trainer? Create workout videos for your clients, offer personalized fitness and nutrition schedules to follow, and come up with healthy recipes! If you’re a fitness expert this is a great way to build your own brand and get paid to work out!

Digital Marketing

Are you skilled in social media? Creating websites? Advertising? Open up your very own digital marketing agency! Businesses across the country are always looking for top of the line agencies to help them with their social media marketing, SEO, and product advertisement. If you’re a skilled writer and know how businesses should conduct their social media posts, digital marketing is a great option for you.

Handmade Products Shop

Are you an artist who doesn’t know where to put your creations? Start selling them! Through our online store at Black Utopia you can become a vendor and begin selling your products! Or you can create your own website to showcase your creations and start making money!

Health and Beauty Consultant

One business that will never go out of style is the health and beauty industry. People are finding new ways to improve their skincare routines or experiment with new makeup looks while stuck at home. If you are a beauty guru or are passionate about personal health, become a consultant. Offer beauty products, create your own health tips, teach others how to do their makeup at home… the possibilities are endless. 

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